B.A.D.D. was started during the 2005-2006 academic year. In 2005 the program was the vision of first year teacher; Edward M. Moore. Mr. Moore believed that we must get back to the “old school” methodology, which encompassed the theory that “It Takes a Village to Raise a Child”. He was not alone in his vision. Once pitched Gregory Kennedy & John Brown immediately embraced the vision of the group. These three men are the cornerstones of B.A.D.D. Current mentors include Mr. Frederick Wilson, Mr. Andrew George, Mr. Dante Jennings, Mr. John Brown, Mr. Gregory Kennedy, Dr. Arvin Johnson & Mr. Moore. 2013-2014 brings Tiger Academy to the fold and the mentors will include Mr. Harell, Mr. McClenton and Mr. McWhite. Tiger Academy will be BADD’s first and primary elementary school. When it comes to your child’s future, the men of BADD are “all in”!

Major Supporters
Over the years several individuals & groups have provided support to the organization including: The Weavers (Former owners of The Jaguars), Dr. Meadows (Atlanta Dentist), Cathedral of Faith Church, Senator Tony Hill, First Baptist of Mandarin, Sarah Rhodes & many more.



Edward Moore, John Brown and Gregory Kennedy


Edward Maurice Moore is one of the three original founders of the organization. In fact, it was his vision and together with John Brown & Gregory Kennedy the program took off. Mr. Moore is a native of North Carolina having grown up in a huge tightly knit family where all were taught that everything starts with GOD! Having GOD as a centerpiece it was instilled that life was about love and helping others. During his time the old motto, ‘It Takes A Village To Raise A Child’ could be seen throughout the community and definitely within his family.
Mr. Moore graduated high school in 1989 and began to further his education at Howard University then transferred to North Carolina A& T State University where he would eventually obtain to degrees in 2000. This was a long gap and it was between 1994 and 1998 where he found himself lost, making bad decisions, but through GOD’s Grace he went back to North Carolina A&T State University where he would obtain two Bachelor of Arts degrees. Moore would eventually become a corporate star until the economy took a turn which landed in the education arena as a band-aid fix.
It is during this time that he discovered what he believes GOD called him to do even though the money was less. He became a teacher and saw that the kids in the community in which he was teaching in had not been exposed to much outside of the Northside of Jacksonville. BADD was formed! He has been an educator since 2005, along with being a mentor to hundreds of inner city adolescent males. Mr. Moore prides himself in the village mentality which he firmly believes in. He sees his scholars as family and treats them as such all the way through tough love. He was adamant about bringing the spiritual piece into the program as he firmly believes that GOD is the answer and that kids need structure based in spirituality, education and integrity.



Norman Beverley Jr. passion is mentoring and working with the youth. He has a calling from God to work with kids. His calling came when he was 16 years old and  Norman got his first job working at the Boys and Girls Club. Right there he knew that working with kids was going to be his career. Norman has been working with kids for about 30 years. He was with the Boys and Girls club for about 15 years, I was a teacher assistant for about six years, I have been a substitute PE teacher, a basketball coach, community centers here in there, and now with the YMCA as a before and after care/summer camp director and PE teacher for Tiger Academy. Every kid that I have ever met I have always tried to instill something positive to them so that they can be successful in this world. Especially with our young black man. I know that I cannot change every child that I’ve come in contact with but that is my goal to uplift and guide the youth in this generation on the right path and to know god. This is not a job for me, this is my life and God has came to me and told me that he needed me and wanted me to start working with the youth and to get them on the right track and that is actually what I am going to do. To be a part of the mentoring program B.A.D.D. It is truly a honor and a mentoring program like that we definitely need especially for a young black man. I hope that I can be that mentor like the man that created this program.



Darryl McClenton was born and raised in Jacksonville, Fl. He’s a proud graduate of William M. Raines High School. Mr. McClenton is a first generation college graduate in his family. He recieved his Bachelor’s Degree from the greatest HBCU on earth; Florida A&M University! Additionally, He obtained his Masters of Art from Liberty University! He is blessed to have a 9 year old daughter that’s keeping him active and youthful. Mr. McClenton’s mission is developing young men into great respectable gentlemen in the prestigious program B.A.D.D. Therefore, expanding their knowledge of knowing that sky is not the limit. The Marathon continues.